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Calorific Values

Agro WastesCal./ KgAsh Contents
Groundnut Shell4524 K.3.80 %
Bagasse4380 K.1.80 %
Castor Seed Shells3862 K.8.00 %
Saw Dust Briq.3862 K.8.20 %
Cotton Stalks / Chips4252 K.3.00 %
Bamboo Dust4160 K.8.00 %
Babool [Wood]4707 K.0.90 %
Coffee Husk4045 K.5.30 %
Tobacco Waste2910 K.31.50 %
Tea Waste4237 K.3.80 %
Paddy Straw3469 K.15.50 %
Mustard Stalk4200 K.3.40 %
Mustard Shell4300 K.3.70 %
Wheat Straw4100 K.8.00 %
Sunflower Stalk4300 K.4.30 %
Jute Waste4428 K.3.00 %
Palm Husk3900 K.4.90 %
Soya bean Husk4170 K.4.10 %
Sugarcane3996 K.10.00 %
Barks Wood1270 K.4.40 %
Forestry Waste3000 K.7.00 %
Coir Pitch4146 K.9.10 %
Rice Husks3200 K.19.20 %
Wood Chips 4785 K.1.20
Others so many 3700 K. Apx.
  • This project is act as “Best from waste” It gives us the Bio-coal from the wastages like Agro, Forestry & Industrial.
  • The Wastages from these sources are raw material of this project and the finished product is called Briquettes.
  • The feeding of raw material in our factory is providing us the best from waste.
  • There is not any specific need to special land or shed but suitable space and shed can give the best result in production and storage.
  • This project is essential for converting low-density biomass into high-density biomass fuel that is called Briquettes/Bio-coal or white-coal.
  • Briquettes are made from agricultural or forestry waste, which can effectively, used as substitute of solid fuels [Coal or Wood] and can easily use various kinds of thermal applications.

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